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SB Software Inc. is a Montreal-based cybersecurity firm specializing in network security consulting services. Our dedicated team of cyber security consultants offers personalized solutions for big and small companies. With a focus on working with your existing infrastructure and budget, we ensure your data remains secure in today's evolving digital landscape. Trust SB for top-tier cyber security consulting services tailored to your unique needs.

Consulting Lifecycle

Step 1: Assessing needs

At the beginning of the consultation, we will determine what are your needs in your current situation.

Step 2: Establishing objectives

Knowing your needs and in function of your budget, our consultant will help you elaborate realistic objectives.

Step 3: Plan of action

Our consultant will offer a preliminary plan of action directly during the consultation, that you will have the opportunity to review then. We will then send you post-consultation a written official copy of the plan of action. Follow-up consultations will be scheduled on demand.


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The SB Advantage

Affordable Cyber Security Consultants

We believe that top-notch cybersecurity services should be accessible to businesses of all sizes, including those with budget constraints. With SB, affordability is a priority. Our team of cyber security consultants offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Emergency Consulting

Cybersecurity incidents can strike unexpectedly and demand immediate attention. Our team at SB is well-prepared to handle emergency situations. With our emergency consulting services, you can count on rapid response and expert guidance during critical times.

In-Person and Remote Consulting Available

We offer the flexibility of in-person and remote cyber security consulting in order to better serve non-local clients and be able to help you regardless of your schedules.

Post-Consultation Services Available

Our commitment to your cybersecurity journey extends beyond the initial consultation. We understand that your schedule may be too filled to implement the plan of action alone, which is why we also offer to do it for you, partly or fully.

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